Author: Robert Mitchell

Chair’s Chat February 2016

Another year, another season of Club events is looming large. I am looking forward to the next Club meeting on 9th February where we will have the opportunity to discuss the upcoming Summer Runs Programme. I would like all those in attendance to join in the discussion and put forward some suggestions for destinations near and far. As has been said before, it is your Club, so get your thinking caps on and maps out. Our Scottish Classic Motorcycle Show is confirmed as taking place on Saturday, 11th June 2016.

You will be pleased to hear that your Committee has overwhelmingly voted for the re-introduction of a payment of £5 to each rider of a classic motorcycle on 4 runs to be nominated in this year’s Programme. Therefore each bike over 15 years old on the nominated run will enjoy a £5 contribution to its upkeep. The aim of the payment is to incentivise the use of classics and the runs will be chosen appropriately to ensure a good turn-out.

Look forward to seeing you at the Haggis Gathering on 7th February and the Club Night on 9th February.

All the best


Chair’s Chat September 2015

Hard to believe that this year’s run schedule is drawing to a close. It’s fair to say that the weather has not been too kind at the weekends to our schedule but our members laugh in the face of cold, windy and wet weather and others, like myself, hide!

Kircudbright 2010

Look forward to seeing you all on what is left of the runs schedule. Please see the “Events” section for more details. The Winter Programme is coming together nicely and I am sure you are looking forward to your regular winter evening fix of bikes, coffee and sandwiches. Keep an eye on the events section for more details.

Safe riding